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6 Reasons for Making a Long-term Investment as a Book Reviewer | published on Savvy Book Writers

Earning cash through writing book reviews is not really the primary reason for becoming a book reviewer. The more important reasons for a writer to become a book reviewer have nothing to do with money making, but have an intrinsic value to them that are a long-term investment.  Allow me to share six reasons for becoming a book reviewer. To read the article click here.


Book Review of Baby Rocket | published by Stephanie A. Smith

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Book Review of Kiss on Her Wings | published by Wendy Gibbons

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Book Review of Escape From CorpWorld | published by Jason Srebnick

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The Last One | published by Bella Colombiana Publishing


Working long hours finally paid off for Rebecca Madison. She had enough extra money to buy the most popular toy of the year, the Battle Robot Commando, for her son, Dillon. Because it was so popular, it wasn't easy to get her hands on one. How far would she go to make certain that her son's prize gift was under the tree on Christmas morning? Available on Amazon.



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