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Whispers of Sage | published by Bella Colombiana Publishing

Five Stars From Reader's Favorite!!!

"This is a true, modern western romance novel that all romance genre fans are bound to enjoy." Gisela Dixon 


When Katherine’s fiancé, Sean, was transferred from Pittsburgh to Scottsdale, Arizona, their wedding plans were put on hold. Katherine, who was not known to do anything alone or without someone on the other end of her cell phone, decided to quit her job, pack their things and surprise Sean by driving cross-country by herself.


Not particularly adept at navigation, her car breaks down in the most unlikely of places; what passes for a road in the mountains of Colorado. Rescued by Ethan, a cowboy and horseman (more)

MacGregor's Wolf: Lessons of Time | published by Bella Colombiana Publishing

Deeper thinking, anger, adventure, history, love, mysticism...

Jack Magnus at Reader’s Favorite says, “haunting and lyrical…not the kind of book you’ll come across often or one you’ll read for an afternoon’s escape and quickly forget about…it is most highly recommended. Five Stars.”


Struggling to make sense of his life, Ray Barrett seeks solace in the mountains and encounters a lone wolf, a mystical creature, according to the Sioux. From that point forward, he is transported back in time and into the bodies of various persons throughout history. The ancient wisdom of the Sioux and a spirit guide named MacGregor accompany him through a series of experiences that teach him about life and purpose. Along the way, he falls in love with an assistant to MacGregor, Alexia (more)



A Christian Response to Troubled Times | published by Bella Colombiana Publishing



How are Christians to respond to what is taking place in our world? Are there biblical guidelines to help us survive these troubled times? Rest assured, there are. This short book will help guide you in how best to respond to the world around you, continue to speak the truth in love and rest in the understanding that the Creator of the Universe Will Not Be Mocked. (more)

Chulos, Chuzos and Hot Dog Condoms | published by Bella Colombiana Publishing


Do you really know Medellin, Colombia? Steeped in the rich traditions of the Antiqueños, Medellin and the surrounding pueblos of Antioquia make this city tucked away in the Andes a virtual paradise. Explore some of the culture, language and natural beauty of Medellin as the author recounts his experience as a gringo among Paisas. (more)

The Birth of a Dream | published by Bella Colombiana Publishing

First book in the Belle of Colombia Series:


Set in 19th Century Colombia


Almost 200 years before Colombia became associated with cocaine, murder and drug cartels the dream of liberty was born. It was a dream, born out of the determination of Colombia’s men and carried on the strength of its women. (more)

The Desperation of Liberty | published by Bella Colombiana Publishing

Second book in the Belle of Colombia Series:


Set in 19th Century Colombia


After fleeing from the ruthless Spanish General Morillo who has orders to execute any of the rebels they can find, Santiago, Maribel and Esteban make a long journey over the mountains, across the Magdalena River and then high up into the Central Range of the Andes to a small town called Rionegro. (more)

El Nacimiento de un Sueno | published by Bella Colombiana Publishing


Atrapados en la lucha por la independencia de España, el capitán Santiago Eduardo Vásquez se encuentra encerrado en otra batalla cuando Ana Maribel Arboleda captura su corazón en la plaza de Zipaquirá.


Mirando a través del valle de Bogotá, nace un sueño de una vida de la cría de caballos criollos y forman una familia en las montañas distantes. 

El sueño sigue siendo vago como el ejército desorganizado de la Nueva Granada (Colombia), da un paso adelante para cumplir con la arremetida del Ejército Español, recién salido de los campos de batalla de Europa, donde se enfrentaron a Napoleón.  

Jardin de Hierbas | published by Bella Colombiana Publishing



Hierbas frescas pueden una de las plantas más fáciles crecer. Hay cientos de hierbas diferentes que pueden ser cultivadas en su casa y utilizados no sólo para cocinar, pero también con fines medicinales. Lo mejor de todo, aumentando sus propias hierbas es fácil y saludable. Algunas hierbas realmente pueden evitar enfermedades, incluyendo cáncer. (mas)


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