Timeless treasures

Did you miss an opportunity to record those great stories from loved ones who have passed on?


Do you have elderly loved ones whose stories you'd love to get recorded before it's too late?


Do you have plenty of material, interviews, photos and notes, but don't have the time or the skill to put it into a presentable format?


Timeless Treasures can help. We offer packages beginning at $7,000.

Basic package includes:


  • Gathering and organizing information and photos.
  • Writing biography/memoir
  • Arranging of text and photos for electronic and print publishing
  • Your choice of 50 or 100 copies of the printed book to distribute, or we can just get it ready to print and you can do the rest.


For more information on how I can help you tell your family's story.




Explore Timeless Treasures' packages and rates.


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Some of you knew my Dad and Grandpa. They were kind, selfless men who were amiable and generous to anyone and everyone around them. They weren’t just that way out in public, they were that way at home too, but they were also very focused when it came to getting a day’s work done. They could be a little harsh with their intensity on occasion, but even in their harshness, they were teaching us to be better men. One phrase that I can recall hearing on several occasions was, “Keep your butt behind you!” 
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