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There’s always a story behind every story, whether it is a novel or a book on how to save for your retirement. It is the understanding of that story and the motivation behind the words that are presented for the world to see, which separates me from the rest. 


When you set out to write a book, you do it because you want to communicate a part of who you are with others. Maybe you have a desire to help others or wish to advance technology or knowledge in your area of expertise. A book might allow you to advance your own career or to make others knowledgeable about you or your company’s particular brand. Books can launch speakers up to a whole new level, as well as educators and CEOs. Books can also communicate a deeper meaning in life or a discovery of some profound truth.

No matter what it is that motivates you to get a book out to the public, I’m here to help. I’ll custom fit my service to your needs and your objectives.

My services include:

► Ghostwriter: Help writing YOUR book – novel, novella, your ideas, who you are, what your product or service can do for others… the sky is the limit. (

► Technical Writer: I have the necessary skills to interview, research, and compile all of the information about your product, service, system or procedure in order to help make you and your company shine. 
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► Blogging, product reviews and website content: I can help keep the content on your website or blog fresh and up-to-date. SEO, citation, linking and high quality content. (Tell me more)


►Timeless Treasures: Allow me to tell the story of your family with a family biography or memoir that records those special memories before they pass away. (Check it out)

And much more! It never hurts to ask. Best of all asking is always free!


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Some of you knew my Dad and Grandpa. They were kind, selfless men who were amiable and generous to anyone and everyone around them. They weren’t just that way out in public, they were that way at home too, but they were also very focused when it came to getting a day’s work done. They could be a little harsh with their intensity on occasion, but even in their harshness, they were teaching us to be better men. One phrase that I can recall hearing on several occasions was, “Keep your butt behind you!” 
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